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Related article: Date: Mon, 30 Jul 2007 21:34:43 EDT From: Subject: After Dark With DamonTHIS IS ONLY A STORY JUST A FANTASY OF MINEThis story starts out a fantasy and hopefully one day a reality. My story starts out like this one day I get a call from Damon (my cousin) on my cell phone asking me to come pick him up for the weekend. So I gladly say "Oh hell yeah" and rush over. Then I get there and knock on the door and he lets me in and is standing there totally naked and says to me "Wait a minute I am still naked I am almost ready" Then I get his bag and go sit in the car. Then Damon comes out and gets in the car with me and the whole way home neither of us say much, Soon after the silence get akward we pull into my drive way and then go inside. After we get inside Damon drops all his clothes and sits on the couch he then asks me what its like to take it up the ass and says he would like to try it. I tell him if are gonna do that then we are gonna do it the right way. So then I put on some porn and walk over to him and sit down on the floor and start to suck his giant dick and choke on it cause it is so fucking huge. I start by licking the head a while just massaging the tip with my toung and then slowly working my way down to his balls getting his dick wet and hot poking myself in the back of my throat. I then make my way to his balls and with his dick in my throat I take in his balls too and then pull out and suck on his balls for a while and stroke him off. After a while I quit and make him roll over and then I start to lick his ass hole and I reach down and stroke him off at the same time. I hear him moan and groan like never before cuase the ass has the most nerve endlings on the body therefore it is the most pleasureable place to feel touch its the most erousing and it just feels so damn good. Then after that he stands up and sits back down and then I lean up and sit next to him and we start kissing Preteen Lolita Toplist and hugging and holding eachother tight and he is playing with my tits and then I go down and start to lick his nipples then his arm pits then I go back up and lick his ears and work my way back down to his elbows and lick the fronts of thoes.Then he says he wants to try something new for him and goes down on me he sucks me for a minute or so then jerks me afterwards he then says "I'm ready lets try the real thing now" So then I put on a condom and I apply lube to his ass and my dick its the one thing I keep forgetting to do.I then slowly slide it into his ass and pull it back out and slide it in more and hold it there for a bit then I start to fuck him and he loves it cause I finally did it right and made it feel good. So after about 20 minutes of fucking I am about to cum so then I pull it out and cum on his chest. Then he says he wants to fuck me so then I get on the bed in the doggie style position and and let him go inside I let him go deep inside and I let him pound away at my ass I have to bury my face into a pillow to keep from screaming cause it hurts so good with his horse dick pounding my ass like that I hear him growl and grunt and moan and groan and heave for air and then he goes into the jackhammer position and goes at it in a way the would make rabbits blush. You can hear Preteen Lolita Toplist the sucking of my ass on his cock and his bull sized balls slapping my ass then he cum inside me or inside the condom inside me and then he collapses onto my back and rolls over then the two of us lay togeather and hold eachother and kiss and just snuggle like that the rest of the night. The next morning Damon wakes up before me and I go into the living room and see him sitting on the couch with a smile on his face and a big "Thank you" Then I say for what and he tells me it was the best he ever had and is glad he has a fag for a friend to be there when he needs one.
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